My name is Jennifer Lightly, I'm a curious adventurer

My name is Jennifer Lightly. I’m a curious person who wanders the rain soaked Pacific Northwest. At the moment, I live in Quincy Washington, but I’m also familiar with Vancouver Washington and Portland Oregon. I love hiking along the coast and enjoy checking out new trails in my free time.

When I’m not hiking, I enjoy reading books (both fiction and nonfiction.) At the moment I’m reading dune, in preparation for the upcoming movie release - why, oh why, did they push back the release? I also enjoy coffee and exercise, but who doesn’t.

But like everyone else, I have to work to meet my needs. At the moment my specialty is helping new startups optimize their landing pages. For an example of my work, check out a page I recently did with a company helping people find Refinance Loans In Vancouver Washington. Refinance loans are obviously competitive, so it’s vital that this young company makes every page view count.

Ironically enough, I don’t have much of a plan for this website atm, and I mainly made it so that I would have SOME kind of web presence. I also wanted to make sure I grabbed my domain name, I really don’t want someone else to own it.

At any rate, I hope you enjoyed reading this page, and I hope you are not too underwhelmed by it’s current lack of utility!